Business PlanWeekly Program

You and your business coach will meet at the same time of day, same day of week each week for one and a half hours.

You’ll discuss your specific business goals and the obstacles in the way. By the end of each meeting, you will have specific action steps that will need to be accomplished within the next seven days (prior to your next coaching session). Your coach will periodically have action steps to take on your behalf.

After each session, your coach will e-mail you an attachment containing the meeting notes and action steps.

The client and the coach each maintain a binder to ensure you’re moving in a straight line and also to be used as an accountability tool to make sure your objectives are met. During the week, you have unlimited e-mail and phone support!

Every Other Week or Monthly Program

This program is set up the same way as the “Weekly Program,” but instead of meeting every week, you’ll meet every other week or monthly.

Executive Development Program

This program is not one-on-one, but is a small group program limited to 10 small non-competing business owners per class.

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