What program is right for me?

It depends on how quickly you want results! It also depends on your ability and availability to invest time, money and effort into getting results. Enrolling in a coaching program is a commitment. Nothing great ever comes easily. Regardless of which program you choose, you must be fully committed to taking the action steps necessary each week. In return, your coach commits to provide you excellent support.

Can I try it out before I make a decision?

Yes! Call today to schedule a complimentary, initial two-hour session. During the two hours, you’ll experience the process! By the end of this session, you’ll have specific action steps to begin your journey to“mission accomplishment.” You’ll also know first-hand whether this is the kind of program you’ll benefit from. If after our no obligation initial two-hour session, you decide that it’s not for you; no hard feelings! I’ll wish you the best and we’ll part friends. If, on the other hand, you decide this is a great investment in you and your company, then we’ll finalize the details and get started!

Are there guarantees?

If after your first 30 days of coaching, you regret your decision, you can cancel immediately and get all of your money back! This program is incredibly powerful, but it does require a commitment on your part. If you “bit off more than you could chew,” it does neither of us any good to continue.

Furthermore, if you weren’t provided value, I don’t want your money! I have limited time for a limited amount of clients. I need every single client of mine to be successful! It has to work for both of us.

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